Three tips: how to lose weight and keep it off

Keep weight after dieting

After losing weight you are both a few pounds lighter and many experiences richer. If you use them in your new lifestyle afterward, it is much easier to keep the new weight. Get the best tips on how to avoid going up again.

1.Introduce rules

Fixed rules make it easier to maintain weight after a diet, research shows.

Strategy: Make clear driving rules in the areas where you think it might be easy for you to walk in the trap. For example: 

● Never drink alcohol on weekdays and/or a maximum of three units a week. 

● Fixed training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

● Always vegetables for lunch and dinner. 

● No cakes on weekdays. 

● A fixed meal every three hours and no snacking between meals.

2.Eat more protein

Braid proteins into all meals – because it provides good satiety.

Strategy: Plan each meal so that it always contains proteins. For main meals, at least 25 grams is a good guideline. For snack meals, it holds at 10 grams. 

For example, you get 5 grams of protein from: 

● 25 g of meat 

● 25 g of fish 

● 25 g of chicken 

● 20 g of lean solid cheese 

● 1⁄2 dl skyr 

● 20g lenses (dry weight) 

● 25 g of dried beans 

● 50 g of tofu 

● 75 g of green peas 

● 40 g whole grains

3.Weigh yourself regularly

This allows you to quickly take action against unwanted weight gain.

Strategy: Walk the bath weight once a week – preferably on the same day of the week and at the same time, for example, in the morning before breakfast. Friday is good, because then the weekend’s alcohol, sweets, and other calorie bombs are out of the body. 

Make a note of the weight each week and set limit value, such as two kilos more than what you weighed after the diet. Agree with yourself what to do if your weight exceeds this limit at some point.

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