This is how losing weight works with the Schroth cure

A 200-year-old weight loss strategy, in which the regulation of fluid intake is supposed to produce the desired results, promises rapid weight loss. We’ll tell you how exactly this special diet works.

Intermittent fasting, low carb, ketogenic. Countless diets help you achieve your desired weight and detoxify your body. The Schroth cure promises a particularly quick weight loss effect.

These morning rituals make losing weight difficult

This is a rare type of fasting that is certainly not suitable for everyone. Since this cure has a lot to do with regulated hydration, it should only be carried out under the supervision of doctors.


Drying and drinking days for detoxification

During treatment, your body should be detoxified by the particular water supply, divided into dry and drinking days. As an additional effect, you lose weight.

During the process, three drying days alternate with two significant and two small drinking days. A dry day only consists of a glass of fruit juice with juniper schnapps and a glass of tea.

A small drinking day contains half a litre of liquid, preferably juice or tea. On a big drinking day, you can have a litre of tea, water or milk. 

Your eating habits also need to be changed. During fasting, low-calorie, almost salt-free food is used. For example, this is steamed vegetables that are only seasoned with herbs.


Lose weight by draining

In addition to the special diet, there is increased sweating. This will detoxify and purify your body. Because of the dry days, substances can be drawn on your blood that your body could not break down on its own.

On the drinking days, these are then washed out of your body via the kidneys and skin. 

The slimming effect is mainly due to dewatering. With a three-week Schroth cure, patients lose an average of up to ten per cent of their body weight. 

However, “Stiftung Warentest” criticized the cure as a weight-loss method. Since there are far too few calories, the yo-yo effect is preprogrammed. Also, the hydration on the dry days was too low. 

The Schroth cure is much more, and a cure that alleviates diseases such as diabetes, acne or migraines and that is not suitable for losing weight.

Whether you want to try the cure depends of course on you. To carry it out optimally and not affect your health, you should only carry it out under professional supervision.

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