Therefore, water with lemon is extremely healthy

See why you should start your day with lemon juice. You can thank us since.

You’ve probably already read 100 articles about how good water is for you and your health. But mixed with lemon juice can make it even better. The juice from lemons contains a lot of Vitamin B and C, as well as iron, lime, and magnesium which can do wonders for the body. We have found plenty of good reasons to start the day with lemon juice.

1. Half a deciliter of lemon juice is enough to meet the daily need for vitamin C, which strengthens the body’s immune system, protects you from bacteria and viruses.

2. Lemons are also rich in potassium, which is good for the brain and nervous system.

3. Lemon juice helps with digestion, and it helps if you often have heartburn, bloating, or a tendency to acid reflux during the day.

4. The juice helps to cleanse the toxins out of the body because lemons are full of antioxidants, which improve kidney and liver function.

5. Lemon juice counteracts bad breath. But! The acidic juice can damage the enamel of your teeth, so either brush before drinking or wait for an hour after drinking. Otherwise, just lubricate the acid in all the nooks and crannies of your mouth.

Lemon juice can be very hard for your teeth, so squeeze a whole lemon into a large glass of water before drinking it. Most people recommend lukewarm water, but cold also goes well. On the other hand, the effect is greatest if you drink it in the morning – 20 minutes before breakfast – then it is easier for the body to absorb all the good things in the lemon.

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