Pomegranate is strengthening superfood

superfood: Pomegranate – the oyster of the fruit – regains a festive fireworks display of invigorating substances in its interior. Here you can read about the pomegranate’s many health benefits.

superfood: Pomegranate

The best choice of pomegranate

Go for the whole kernel when possible. Of course, it is possible to buy pomegranate juice, but use it only as an emergency solution if the fresh fruit is not available, since the juice is almost as good for health as the small, crispy kernels. Also, note that the content of fruit juice in the juice is naturally very high.

The best preparation of pomegranate

Eat the pomegranate seeds as they are. Heat treatment will kill some of the microscopic herbs, which is one of the things that makes the pomegranates so healthy. At the same time, it is a pity to have to destroy the cores’ fresh appearance through heat. Therefore, please just knock the cores out of the shell and use them as they are.

Best pomegranate accessories

The antioxidant-rich cores are great for livening up a slightly tender salad. If you love iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, and other traditional lettuce vegetables, which are generally poor in nutrients that boost the immune system, you can easily lift the salad’s strength significantly by adding pomegranate seeds. And of course, they also lift the taste. 

At this point, you should eat pomegranate

The powerful antioxidants are worth gold for the immune system. Therefore, your body will thank you for eating a lot of pomegranate kernels during periods when your body – or brain activity – is under pressure. It can be the day after a hard workout when the entire immune system is a little in the basement, or on days of high-stress levels at work. 

Health benefits with pomegranate

  • Beetroot has received a lot of attention, but trials show that pomegranate through the combination of nitrate and supplemental herbs is also capable of promoting performance during cardio-demanding sports, in addition to shortening the recovery time. If you eat pomegranate – or drink homemade juice – 1-2 hours before your next workout, you can potentially increase performance and experience less tranquility afterward.
  • The crispy shell that covers every core makes them explode like caviar. In addition to special consistency, the shell provides dietary fiber that keeps the gastrointestinal system in shape. 
  • Make sure that the pomegranate does not dry out. It goes beyond the taste experience and the content of antioxidants. Put it in the refrigerator in airtight packaging, then keep it fresh for a couple of weeks.
  • In an overweight trial, the subjects were to drink half a liter of fresh pomegranate juice daily for four weeks. It reduced several of the risk markers for cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and insulin resistance.
  • Pomegranate herbs help the immune system and have been found to reduce inflammation of the intestinal system. Trials with diabetics have shown that 12 weeks of pomegranate intake reduce multiple signs of inflammation by around 30 percent.

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