Plan your meals and lose weight

A new study shows that miniature can produce a great dieting effect. It’s all about making the meals right. We give you the complete guide to periodic fasting.

Add all of today’s meals within a relatively short time and be fasting for the rest of the day. That strategy can be effective if you want to lose weight.

According to the researchers behind a new study from the United States, it’s not just what and how much you eat that matters to weight. When you eat it also has a lot to say.

The researchers put 11 obese men and women to take their meals in two different ways over time. First, for four days, they would only eat between 8am and 2pm. Then they would eat for four days between 08:00 and 20:00.

Participants consumed the same number of calories each day throughout the trial, regardless of which of the two dietary strategies they followed.

It turned out that the strategy of fasting after 2 pm increased the participants’ fat burning for several hours a night, and that the appetite during the day was less fluctuating. At the same time, the so-called metabolic flexibility, which is the body’s ability to switch between fat burning and carbohydrate burning, was improved.

Various fasting courses have been popular in recent years. The so-called 16: 8 cure is similar to what was examined in the study. In short, it means eating for eight consecutive hours a day and then fasting for the other 16 hours a day.

If you throw yourself over a diet with periodic fasting, the workout should be scheduled so that hard training is not put on until a long fasting period. 

Fasting is healthy 

Much research indicates that periodic fasting has several health effects.

  • Insulin sensitivity is improved so that the cells can better absorb the sugar from the food and turn it into energy. It is crucial for the regulation of blood sugar and thus important protection against diabetes.
  • The brain becomes sharper. After a short period of fasting, increased brain capacity can be measured. The theory is that through evolution we have developed an ability to think faster in times of hunger.
  • Studies have shown that periodic fasting can strengthen the immune system, in addition to being linked to increased longevity and reduced cancer risk.
Source: Obesity Society 

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