Lose weight with new mathematical diet

Everything is allowed in the new cure, but in limited quantities that vary from day to day. The morning and evening weight decides how much to eat.

If you want to weigh yourself morning and evening, as well as weigh all your food, a new mathematical diet may be for you.

The man behind is Professor of Regulatory Theory at Aalborg University, Jakob Stoustrup, who himself has lost 7.4 kilos in 31 days with the cure.

This is how the cure works

If you want to try the new diet, you have to decide how much you want to lose in a month, for example, five kilos. Then you figure out how much to lose daily, here 165 grams.

Then you weigh yourself every night and every morning to get ready for the calculation, where you subtract the morning weight from the evening weight, before deducting the daily weight loss you want.

If the evening weight, for example, is 80 kg and the morning weight is 79 kg, the calculation will be as follows: 80 kg minus 79 kg = 1000 grams minus 165 grams = 835 grams.

You must, therefore, eat 835 grams the following day.

Videnskap.dk has talked to Jakob Stoustrup who emphasized that food must be healthy if you do not want to risk being wrong.

The professorate even the greenest, meat and healthy fats, but also got room for red wine and chocolate.

A completely silly cure

However, FORM’s nutritionist, Martin Kreutzer, is turning his thumb on the new cure.

– It is completely foolish because it does not integrate health and satiety above the head. At the same time, it is completely impossible to use daily weighing as an evaluation tool for whether you eat enough or not. Weight can vary up to several kilos over a few days. 

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