Lose one kilo a week – without starving

Drop the diet and instead let the hormones help you get rid of excess pounds. Here you have ten shortcuts for lasting weight loss.

Complicated dieting and constant groaning are no shortcuts to a slimmer life. Eat more intelligently instead, and let your body’s hormone system help you get rid of excess pounds.

A hard cure for potato water and bar celery can discourage the toughest. Few people manage to live more than a few days at a time with such radical measures. After a few hard days full of need and hunger, the diet ceases to stand by itself, and you look like before you started.

Instead, think long term. Intelligent and healthy habits can cause a weight loss of one kilogram per week, without you having to suffer for beauty. Research has shown that the hormones in the intestinal system play a significantly greater role in appetite regulation than previously thought. Gaining better control over appetite also makes it easier to lose weight. Here you see how the satiety hormones in the stomach and intestines are transformed from enemies to allies.

4 quick diet tips

  • 1. Sleep more. Too little or too little sleep increases the production of a hormone called ghrelin, and it increases appetite.
  • 2. Chew the food thoroughly. The chewing movement sends signals to the brain. The more signals, the more satisfied you feel.
  • 3. Do hard cardio workouts. A high heart rate stimulates a hormone called PYY, which works to suppress hunger.
  • 4. Drink water for food, and eat foods that fill your stomach: For example, root vegetables and rye bread. In the stomach, the water causes the coarse diet to swell, so it takes up more space. When the stomach fills, it sends signals to the brain to reduce appetite.

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