In these sports you burn most calories

There is a big difference in how many calories you burn with the different types of exercise. Check if your sport is on the list of the sports that give the most calorie burn!

Exercise is not exercising, at least not when it comes to how many calories you burn. We have compiled a list of different sports that provide the greatest calorie burn.


In a real football game, you burn an average of 800 calories an hour. This is large because the sport requires a lot of running at intervals.

Full Court Basketball

If you play full-court basketball, you will burn about 900 calories per hour. In addition to interval races, the sport also contains explosive jumps.


Both boxing in a ring and kick-boxing burn about 800 calories per hour, for a man weighing around 70 kilos. The sport requires tremendous good conids, and endurance is part of this sport.

Cross Country

Providing gas when skiing can burn up to 600 calories per hour. The use of legs and arms, as well as the endurance cross-country, requires, start the combustion.


Whether you are climbing a wall or outdoors, you can burn up to 900 calories an hour. Climbing requires great strength in both arms and legs, and it is not possible to pause when hanging on the cliff or  the wall.


The last calorie burner is a sport that many people practice. If you, as a man, run ten kilometers in an hour, you will have burned around 900 calories. Just like in other sports, the more gas you give, the more you burn.

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