How to eat when to lose weight

Here you will find an example of a concrete plan with daily dietary suggestions. Notice the portion sizes and how often you should eat.

We generally eat too large portions, and much larger than the body needs. Here you see what an ideal portion size is. Also, note the number of meals.


If you like oatmeal, you can eat, for example, 60 grams of oatmeal with 15 grams of raisins and 2.5 deciliters of skim milk.

Even better is to get some more protein from the morning and eat two eggs with one slice of whole-wheat bread (50 grams) and 150–200 grams of tomato or pepper. Also, eat half a slice of rye bread with 30-40 grams of lean meats such as chicken or turkey.

Breakfast in the morning

Since breakfast is probably somewhat smaller than you are used to, you may well cushion a beginning morning hunger with some healthy snacks. For example, eat an apple or banana and 15 grams of peanuts or almonds.


If you eat lunch in a work canteen, you should usually steer clear of the hot dishes. They often contain too much fat or large amounts of carbohydrates. Controlling caloric intake is easier when choosing bread slices. If you do not get bread in the canteen, you can bring a packed lunch from home. Choose three half coarse rye bread slices with, for example, anchovies and an egg on the first two slices, and preferably 30-40 grams of lean meats on the third.

Instead of eggs and anchovies, you can choose 100 grams of salmon or 125 grams of tomato mackerel or the same amount of cod roe with a little remoulade. If you only choose lean meats, you should get a tablespoon of fat kernels (such as flax seeds), oil-vinegar dressing, or half an avocado as well. For more filling, you can eat a salad of 200 grams of vegetables or 3–5 carrots.

Afternoon snack

Keep your blood sugar stable by preventing afternoon hunger with some fruit. You should also get some protein, for example from a protein bar of 50-60 grams. Alternatively, you can choose one slice of coarse bread with 40-50 grams of lean meats plus a few carrots or 150 grams of other vegetables.


If you have been exercising, you may want to spend some extra potatoes, rice or pasta. On days when you are not exercising in the afternoon, you should have dinner with few carbohydrates. For example, a healthy plate may look like this:

  • 200-250 grams of lean meat / fish / poultry
  • 200–300 grams of vegetables
  • 50 grams of raw weight of pasta/rice/bulgur or 225-250 grams of potatoes

Make sure that you do not use fat just for cooking. About two teaspoons of oil should also be mixed in the food. Use a lot of spices.

Something good for the evening

If you are hungry, take 150 grams of vegetables (such as cucumber, bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, or sugar peas) with a dollop of 1 dl of sesame or onion plus spices.

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