Four diet tips for flat stomach

Are you struggling to get rid of the stubborn belly fat? Follow these four good diet tips!

Excess belly fat is a major source of frustration for many. It can feel like the stubborn fat is sitting no matter how many situps you have and how much lettuce you eat. We have gathered four good diet tips for the car rings!

1.Eat eggs

Proteins reduce food appetite, increase metabolism, and contain many of the essential amino acids. This makes eggs the perfect food if you want to lose weight. A study from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tampa in Florida in 2012 showed that the quality of the proteins you consume is directly related to how much belly fat you have. In addition to eggs, meat and milk are also good proteins for losing weight.

2.Remember the breakfast

An American study shows that those who eat a daily morning meal have a 40 percent lower risk of developing belly fat.

3.Save the carbohydrates for the evening

An Israeli study from 2012 Hebrew University found that very obese people who only ate carbohydrates in the evening lost weight, especially on their stomachs, compared to those who distributed the same amount of carbohydrates throughout the day.

4.Cold potatoes

When you cool down potatoes, the dietary fibers are transformed into resistant fibers so that they pass through the body without being detected. This way, the carbohydrates do not accumulate as fat on the body.

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