Eggs are simple super foods

Eggs are the only big vitamin pill that you can safely eat every day – and especially when you are recovering from hard workouts.

Eggs are brilliant food when the body is to recover quickly after a hard workout. They contain high amounts of high-quality protein, which gives you an optimal amount of amino acids that promote recovery.

Much has been said and written about eggs, not least that they produce soaring cholesterol. Today we know better, and recent international research has repeatedly released and honored the whole egg as an indisputable health bomb.

Even when it comes to the peeled yellow egg yolk, we have become wiser. According to the latest research, we can safely eat eggs every day because they contain so many build-up substances and supply the body with both vitamin E and D, iron, protein, selenium, and healthy fatty acids. We also know that healthy substances come primarily from the egg yolk itself.

Eggs also saturate well and make it easier to stay away from sweets throughout the day.

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